Consultation restrictions
Visit restrictions
Consultation restrictions

From 28th Feb 2020, outpatient consultations for patients without appointments are not permitted.
For the appointment with a referral letter, please check here.

Visit restrictions

Inpatient visit restrictions
Inpatient visit is restricted because of emerging viral infection.
Please make sure to check in at the main reception on the 1st floor.
Only one or two close relatives are allowed at a time. Please mind to stay as short as needed.
However, anyone including close relatives who has traveled abroad within two weeks are not allowed to visit.

Below cases are restricted as usual.
●Under the age of 3 (under 12 on the 4th floor)
●Who has following conditions,
Fever, Cough, Vomiting, Diarrhea and other signs of sickness
●Who had close contact with sick person within 2 weeks.
For patient safety, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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Address and location

Date of update; 2020/4/9(Thu)

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Tokyo Bay Urayasu Ichikawa Medical Center
Hospital NameTokyo Bay Urayasu Ichikawa Medical Center
Address3-4-32 Todaijima, Urayasu-City, Chiba 279-0001
Management OrganizationJapan Association for Development of Community Medicine
Date of FoundationApril 1st, 2009
DepartmentsInternal Medicine/Cardiology/Cardiovascular Surgery/Gastroenterology/Orthopedics/Neurosurgery/General Surgery
/Obstetrics Gynecology/Pediatrics/Pediatric Surgery/Ophthalmology/Respiratory Medicine/Nephrology & Endocrinology/infectious diseases/ER/ICU/Dermatology/Urology/Otorhinolaryngology/Pathology/Anesthesiology/Radiology/Interventional Radiology/Rheumatology
Closed DaySaturday afternoon/Sunday/Public Holiday/New Year's Holiday
Number of Clinic Beds344(4 Infections dedicated beds included )
Number of Operating Rooms6

Medical examination Time Information

※Each clinical department have each different Consultation days and time.
※Emergent room opens 24 hours every day. Please contact us if you need advise.
Phone: +81-47-351-3101

Reception Time

8:00-10:30* and 13:00-16:00 / Monday-Friday
8:00-10:30* / Saturday
*The reception desks for pediatrics and pediatric surgery on weekdays and Saturday in the morning are open until 11:00 for a patients without a letter of reference and 11:30 for a patient with a letter of reference.
※ For a patient with reservation, please check-in by the reservation time.


Saturday afternoon, Sunday, holiday, the year end and New Year holidays (12/29-1/3)

Information of Medical Fee

At Tokyo Bay Urayasu Ichikawa Medical Center, all care for patients who have neither nationality of Japan nor Japanese health insurance qualification is charged at a rate of 20 yen per one medical remuneration point.

New Patient

In principle, we provide outpatient consultation on an appointment basis.
Please contact our outpatient reservation center at 047-351-3230 for your appointment if you wish to receive a consultation. If you are experiencing acute chest pain, syncopes (faintness) or palpitations, please visit our emergency department first.

*For patients traveling a long distance to visit
We can arrange your schedule in advance for your examination appointment, hospital admittance and operation to reduce the pre-op outpatient visit. Please make a request at our reservation center. We will try to make a schedule that suits your needs as much as possible.

From check-in to payment for a revisit patient




3-4-32 Todaijima, Urayasu-City, Chiba, Japan
Postal Code: 279-0001

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