About our Outpatient Departments

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If you are a new patient to this hospital and you do not have a referral letter (a patient referral document) from another authorized insurance medical institution, you will therefore be asked to pay a “fee for treatment of patients’ choice” of 3,300 yen in addition to the first visit fee.
The additional fee of 2,750 yen will be charged for patients without medical urgency who visit emergency department out of reception time in order to maintain the quality of medical service.

Consultation how to

In principle, we provide outpatient consultation on an appointment basis.

Please contact our outpatient reservation center at 047-351-3230 for your appointment if you wish to receive a consultation. If you are experiencing acute chest pain, syncopes (faintness) or palpitations, please visit our emergency department first.

*For patients traveling a long distance to visit

We can arrange your schedule in advance for your examination appointment, hospital admittance and operation to reduce the pre-op outpatient visit. Please make a request at our reservation center. We will try to make a schedule that suits your needs as much as possible.

From check-in to payment for a revisit patient


Information of Medical Fee

At Tokyo Bay Urayasu Ichikawa Medical Center, all care for patients who have neither nationality of Japan nor Japanese health insurance qualification is charged at a rate of 20 yen per one medical remuneration point.